addyston baptist faq

What does your church believe?

You can find our statement of faith on our doctrine page.

What can I expect in a Sunday morning service?

There will be a time of music (including congregational singing and specials from members), time for prayer, a time for fellowship (when you’ll probably see all the kids heading out to their special kid friendly service while most of the adults are shaking hands and greeting each other), and a sermon from our pastor.

There is a volunteer staffed nursery and a special service for children (ages 3-12) during the 10:30 AM service.

What can I expect in a Sunday evening service?

Our Sunday evening service is similar to the Sunday morning service, but there are no special services for children. This allows all ages and members to worship together.

How do people dress?

You’ll see some men in suits and ties and some men in jeans and t-shirts. You’ll see some women in dresses and some women in pants. Don’t let worries about clothing keep you out of church, because we’ll be happy to see you no matter what you’re wearing.

What are ABCKadets, ABCKids, and ABCKrew?

These are our Wednesday night ministries for children and teens. Similar to AWANA, but there is no cost to participate. Our Wednesday night ministries run from September through May, roughly following the Three Rivers School District schedule. You can find out more about these activities here: Children or Teens.

Do you have small groups?

We have Sunday School classes for all ages. These classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30. These classes schedule special activities throughout the year. We also have a Bible study for ladies, a monthly meeting for widows (JOY ministry), and a monthly meeting for seniors (Primetimers). Other Bible studies are held on an as requested basis.

Is there coffee?

Of course! And bottled water, too.

I used to go to Addyston as a kid.

That’s not a question, but we do hear it a lot. We’d love to see you again! We have ministries for all ages.